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Session explanations

Types of sessions available in the BACO International 2020 Academic Programme

  1. Keynote lectures
    These 45-minute sessions will comprise a lecture from a world leader in a particular field. Time will be available at the end for questions from the floor.
  2. Symposia: controversies/innovations/important topics/new developments
    A 90-minute session with several talks by leaders in the field, followed by either an expert discussion panel or a question-and-answer session from the floor. 
  3. Update sessions
    These sessions will be either 60 or 90 minutes long. The format will be multiple short talks aimed at updating the general ENT surgeon on managing common or important ORL conditions using the most up-to-date evidence.
  4. Difficult cases panel and round tables
    Hosted by a moderator, a panel of experts will discuss salient aspects of diagnosis and management of common and challenging cases.
  5. Debates
    30-minute sessions around a controversial topic, with speakers for and against a motion.
  6. Lunch with the experts
    1-hour ticketed sessions, during which delegates will be provided with lunch. Two experts and a chair will discuss the management of an important or challenging condition or complications and their prevention or management.
  7. Instructional courses
    These sessions will cover a specific surgical procedure, or the management of difficult or challenging topics, or on complications and their prevention or management in a more informal format.
  8. Masters of surgery/tips and tricks of surgery
    45-minute sessions with 3-4 video presentations or slides of surgical procedures around a discipline such as otology, rhinology or head and neck surgery.
  9. Public session
    Session to include musical performance by ENT UK’s Declan Costello and Charles Limb, an American ENT surgeon with a long-held interest in the perception of music. Will be open to the public – organisers hope to invite students from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.
  10. Cadaveric sessions
    Eight cadaveric sessions, divided into otological, rhinological, head and neck, and paediatric approaches. More interactive than in previous BACO meetings, the sessions will involve live, on-site dissection featuring a chair, panel and dissector, thus facilitating a more in-depth discussion of surgical techniques and their application.