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Welcome to BACO 2020

ICC Birmingham 8-10 July 2020

Registration Opening September 2019

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Abstract Submission Opening Soon

The abstract deadline for submission is December 2019. Further details will be released in due course

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8th-10th July 2020,
BACO International 2020

Welcome from the BACO Master 2020

Professor Gerry O'Donoghue

Who can participate?

  • Consultants
  • Trainees
  • Students
  • Foundation doctors
  • Nurses
  • Audiologists
  • All ENT UK Health Specialists
  • GP
Ronald G Macbeth – the instigator of BACO - By Andrew Freeland
Ronald G Macbeth – the instigator of BACO - By Andrew Freeland

The structure of BACO has changed dramatically since the first conference in 1963, but the fundamental elements of academic excellence, instructional ses

BACO revisited: Dublin, 1991
BACO revisited: Dublin, 1991

In anticipation of BACO2020, Musheer Hussain takes a look back at some of the BACO conferences of past years, beginning with a memorable few days in Dublin in 1991.

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The debate will have a Chair who will moderate the debate. The debate should have a...